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Applicant Tracking System June 11, 2009

RecruitPlus Applicant Tracking System RecruitPlus Applicant Tracking System

The growth and surge of recruiting companies and an ever tightening economy has generated tremendous competition for new market share and customers. Finding out the exact candidate is not only difficult for corporate but also to man power too. To find a potential candidate, there are various ways like job portals, advertisements, head hunting and referencing etc but ultimate success depends on how well the candidate details are being maintained by companies. Even most popular online search portals do not provide solution to manage the offline resumes and candidates records. Most of the organizations use Excel as a tool for managing candidate records; some have gone a step ahead and have developed applications; since application development is not the core business function of recruitment companies and these applications do not help much in meeting out the needs.

Our solution comprising of unique resume parsing utility which helps putting all the required candidate information into centralized database from candidates resumes in various formats without any manual effort. Our comprehensive search option on various parameters makes the search easy.

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3 Responses to “Applicant Tracking System”

  1. siddhant satija Says:

    A blessing for the recruitment industry i would say it this software “recruit plus”,using this software the quality standard of the recruited employees at my company has certainly increased and that’s a proven fact.God bless the ITCons team,they have really created a revolution and in long terms helped the businesses achieve new heights by quality requirement automated techniques.

  2. Suresh Nair Says:

    Mr. Gaurav..Congrats..U have a Wonderful Product moreover its comfortable dealing with you..U will grow..Me and my team wish u all the very BEST..

  3. I had a chance to evaluate this product by this company RecruitPlus. I have been evaluating ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems / Recruitment Automation Software) for past 5 years. The reason for evaluating is to find the best one for me. I have evaluated more than 25 Products over past 5 years and still counting. The Products I have evaluated includes, Taleo, Recruitmax, HireAbility, Sendouts, BigBiller, etc Everybody says their product is the best, and only very few can deliver. When I first saw this product, I was really amazed, the reasons are as follows 1. Great architecture (Lot of room for customization / Improvement) 2. Amazing Features Delivered in the start itself 3. Some of the features are not even thought by most of the companies, though they are in business for more than 5-8 years 4. At least I have not come across a bug 5. Overall The Product can easily compete with, if not outperform (may be in the long run it might, depends upon how aggressive they are). Still I need to evaluate couple of things, I think it might take some time Overall very nice product, my hearty congratulations to Mr Gaurav Mittal on getting listed in the Hottest Startups, and wish him all the best in the future Thanks Kishore Reddy – Heed Consulants

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