Online Resume Parser & Applicant Tracking System with Intelligent Concept Search

Intelligent Concept Search June 10, 2009

Intelligent Concept Search

What is Intelligent Concept Search (ICS) & benefits to Recruitment Industry?

The one line answer: “Search on Keyword finds resumes where as ICS will find suitable prospective employees/candidates by matching profiles but not just the keywords only.”


When a keyword search finds a keyword, it only knows that it found a matching word. It does not know what the word means, or what context it was found in, or what values can be ascribed to the keyword.  On the other hand, when the ICS will find a keyword, it will then evaluate all of the relevant criteria based on artificial intelligence provided to determine if the keyword is a correct match or a false positive (a false positive is an apparent match, which only a human brain can find it to be a false match because the meaning was different than what the intended search); ICS will investigate the context, values and meaning of the keyword to evaluate whether the keyword is an actual match or just a false positive. In addition, the ICS will provide High Recall and High Precision resumes, Contextualization; finding hidden relationships between job description and resume with in-system, dynamic and static summaries for search results. The source document can be a resume of a candidate, JD (Job description) or even free text.


One Response to “Intelligent Concept Search”

  1. Vivek Tanwar Says:

    This is going to be a good application. Today the availability of search engines and databases are musrooming but at the cost of man power, time , effort to match the desired search with the results.
    This use of this application would save not only the time and efforts but also going to contribute reducing the carbon-footprints as the time to use e-sources is going to reduce.

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