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Resume Parsing API and Bulk Resume Parsing Application Available on SaaS. May 25, 2013

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What is RecruitPlus Resume Parser and how does it works: RecruitPlus Resume Parser is a software solution which automatically extract the candidate information, be it personal, professional, experience or education details from an unstructured CV of the candidate in English language. The CV can be in .doc, .docx, .html, .pdf, .rtf, .txt format. The parser also helps saving the extracted information into a database in a searchable format.

RecruitPlus Resume Parser is available in two variants:

• RecruitPlus Resume Parser Windows Application []: for bulk parsing from File folder/ Outlook/ web page along with facility of duplication check using Click one deployment.

• RecruitPlus Resume Parser Web API []: We provide .XML output of the CV; We give sample API integration code and help you integrating the same with your website career section/HRMS/ATS etc.; just in less than 3-6 hours of integration work, you are ready to reap the benefits of parsing. The API is platform independent and can be used for any application developed using any programming language etc.

For any resume parser, following parameters are important and vital. 

1. Parsing accuracy – RecruitPlus Resume Parser parsing accuracy lies anywhere between 75-99%.

2. Parsing speed – In case of RecruitPlus Resume Parser API, it takes less than 5 second per CV to parse; RecruitPlus windows based parser parses almost 600-1000 CVs /hour per client machine.

3. Number of parameters to be parsed – RecruitPlus Resume Parser parses all cv parameters. We parse almost 80+ parameters from a candidate CV.

4. Scalability (how to scale up the operations without making changes to base code) – RecruitPlus Resume Parser uses caching engine; which enables user to scale up the parsing engine capabilities without putting additional cost on hardware/software etc.

5. User control on Database dictionary to populate with new skills, designations etc. without come to us for making these changes. – Since RecruitPlus Resume Parser has database dictionary in SQL database, hence client can enhance and populate the data dictionary with new key words/skills/designations/role/functional area/industry type etc. and enhance the parsing accuracy.

The application can be integrated with any ERP system like SAP, Oracle or any website career section or any HRMS; We have the demonstrated capabilities of our Resume parser with couple of big business houses.

Note: The best part of our offerings is that we work with your team to increase the parsing accuracy level and can add any new parameters of your choice/ customize the parser and output as per your needs without any additional cost impact to you.

You can reach us on numbers below as per your country.
Corporate office (India – Noida): +91 120 4659136/37 | Phone (UAE) : +971- 528475298 | Phone (USA) : +1 (323) 364-3968 | Phone (UK) : (+44) 7937 432005 | Phone (New Zealand – Auckland) : (+64) 21-1718119

We are just an email away; write to us on


Open API integration of Resume Parser for Job-Boards and ATS vendors. August 31, 2009

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When a new user registers on a Job-Board, he/she has to fill all the required information manually. Only a handful job-boards provide an option to the candidate to browse his/her resume from PC and all the required fields by job-boards gets filled automatically.

Should you think, it could be another crucial success factor for your job-board; you might want to look at our offering at

The candidate resume can be in any format like .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .html or .txt, whether in file folder or email or already available on any other job-portal or career networking site, the resume parser will parse the canidate details with an accuracy level of 80% to 95%. Also the resume gets saved to the database in .doc format irrespective if the browsed resume had some other format. Thus candidate spends time only to correct the information which is not accurately parsed and total time to register on Job-board gets reduced.

Do a signup and sign in; parse a few resumes and check out the accuracy level yourself. You need to have .net framework 2.0 installed on your pc to use this application.

We provide open API integration of our resume parser for all job boards/ applicant tracking systems/HR applications across globe.